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Here at 5 Star we are constantly trying to provide our clients with the highest quality products, one of the ways in which we feel we have the advantage over other companies is simply due to the fact that we are the official South West Distributor of Errea products. Errea are meticulous when it comes to quality, below is a short summary of their production process just to wet your appetites.

At the nucleus of the company’s operation is the carrying out of every stage of production, from the selection of the threads through the realisation of the graphic designs to, ultimately, the production of the finished garments.

It is precisely this which distinguishes Erreà from it’s “competitors” and in which lies the principal key to the company’s success: the continuous management of the internal production process.

Following the careful selection of the raw materials from which they are obtained, with threads of the highest possible level being absolutely vital, they go straight to our warehouse where they are divided by material type and colour.

The square metre weight of the material is scrupulously verified and the evaluation of the colour is done using a multi-light testing cabinet, certified by Marks&Spencer.

The traditional methods of cutting the material have been substituted over the years by sophisticated computerised systems which assure maximum precision and allow for the production of smaller amounts.

In some cases sublimation printing (traditional or digital) of designs is used, a method whereby the material takes on the final design of the garment.

In the final stages of production the various elements are assembled and stitched together to produce the definitive garment.

In this way Erreà is able to unite technology and tradition: the most sophisticated and modern machinery runs alongside craftsmanship with attention to care and every little detail.

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