About Us

We sell Errea Sports Clothing and Equipment and have a client base of over 200 clubs. Below is a brief description of our management team.



Martin Cassidy: Managing Director

Martin is the heart and soul of the company, he is our main salesman and may i say….he does a fine job at it! If you ever want a quote or just a chat about what we can offer, he is your man, don’t worry he doesn’t bite. Martin is more than qualified to be able to answer any questions that may arise on sportswear attire, he is and has been an FA Referee for a number of years so his knowledge of the game is unmatched. Contact him at martin@5starltd.com




Ajit Singh: Operations Director

Ajit will handle all orders and transactions to ensure the clients experience a smooth transaction. He will deal with any technical and general enquiries to ensure that the client is satisfied with the service. He will also act as a secondary designer so he will know the technical side of the business as well as the logistical side. Contact him on ajit@5starltd.com






Amrit Singh: Art Director

Amrit manages everything to do with garment decoration and anything associated with design. Amrit is very good at what he does, so any logos, badges, sign work and any general design enquires shouldn’t be too taxing for him. All you would need to do would be to provide a brief outline of what is required and he will produce work, which I am sure, will be up to any client’s standard. Contact him at amrit@5starltd.com


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